First revelation of the Quran to Muhammad

First revelation of the Quran to Muhammad
According to the Islam, Muhammad’s first revelation was the occasion in which Muhammad was visit by the seraph Gabriel in 610 CE, who Showing to him a poetry from the Koran. The occasion take place in a cavern called Hira, situated on the mountain called Jabal an-Nour, near by Makkah.
According to the biographies of Muhammad as on move away in a ton cave near Mecca the cavern of Hira, Gabriel appear previous to him and instructions him to recite the first appearance of chapter 96 of the Koran. Muhammad’s knowledge is mentioned in the Koran 53:4–9:
“It is no fewer than motivation sent down to him:
He was qualified by one powerful in authority,
Endued with understanding: for he appear in grand form
Even he was in the uppermost part of the prospect
Then he approach and come to closer,
And was at a coldness of but two bow-lengths or (still) earlier