buffet  from French: sideboard is a scheme of portion meals in which food is located in a community region where the diners usually serve themselves. Buffets are obtainable at a variety of places counting hotels, restaurants and many public events. Buffet bistro usually offers all-you-can-eat food for a set cost. Buffets typically have some hot tableware, so the word cold buffet see in Smorgasbord has been urbanized to describe formats missing hot food. Hot or cold buffet are usually involve tableware and gear, but a finger buffet is an collection of foods that are planned to be small and easily inspired only by hand, counting cupcakes, slice of pizza, foods, etc.

The necessary feature of the different buffet format of that the diners can straight view the food and right away select which tableware they wish to eat, and typically also can make a decision how much food they take. Buffets are effectual for helping large numbers of people at once, and are frequently seen in institutional location, such as business meeting or large parties.