The position of woman in Islam

The position of woman in Islam

In Islam, the woman is accorded a high position, which she was not accorded in any of the previous religions and which no nation will accord her but Islam. This is because, both man and woman on equal basis share the honor that Islam conferred on mankind. Humans are equal before rules of Allah almighty in this world as they will be equal before rules of Allah almighty in this world as they will be equal as regards His reward and recompense on the last day.

HONOR that a Woman in Islam

This honor that the woman enjoys in Islam has no equal in any other religion, creed or law. Roman civilization had it established that woman should be a slave and a subordinate of man and that she should absolutely has no rights at all. There was even a great conference in Rome where affairs  of the woman were discussed the conclusion reached at the conference was that, the woman was a lifeless being and as such could not have share in the life of Hereafter and that she was impure.

The contemporary woman is an abject of care and attention as long as she is able to give out her wealth, intelligence and body. But when she became old and loses her means of giving. The society individually and collectively abandons her and she lives lonely in her house or in the sanatorium compare the above although they cannot be equal with what.

While Allah almighty honors woman, He makes it clear to all mankind that He created her to be mother, wife, daughter, and sister, and ordinate for these roles, special regulations that are peculiar to her. In Islam there is a share for men and for woman from what is left by parents and those nearest related.

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