Prayer Times Istanbul




Prayer times istanbul

Prayer Times in ISTANBUL

Prayer times Istanbul For Muslims, Islamic Prayer times is necessary to know for all Muslims living in Istanbul. Prayer times  is not to follow for every state in US, meanwhile every state  of america got it’s own Islamic Prayer times to follow. Similarly, Istanbul prayer times is also different from Prayer times  Knowing Prayer times for every Muslim in Istanbul is Important. The Accurate Islamic prayer times in Istanbul as follow.

About Istanbul City

Istanbul history wise known as the Constantinople and Byzantium the most popular city in Turkey and economic country or cultural in historical center. The city transcontinental in Eurasia with straddling on Bosporus strait in which separates Europe in Asia between  Sea of Marmara in the Black Sea. Istanbul commercial or historical center in the European side about third of of population lives Asian side. The city administrative center in city Istanbul also Metropolitan Municipality and both hosting population around at least  14.7 million residents. The beautiful city Istanbul one of the world’s most populous cities with ranks in the worlds seventh largest city proper in the largest European city.

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