Ramadan Prayer Times NYC (New York, USA)

Ramadan Prayer Time NY (New York, USA):

New York City is distributed into five borough. That includes; Queen, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island. There is a sizable community in these boroughs and Muslims of these boroughs go regularly to offer their Fajr prayer. During the month of Ramadan total number of worshipers increase in the mosques. The biggest cultural center in New York City is Islamic cultural center of New York. It was completed in 1991 and now it acts as a central mosque for the New York City Muslims who come here to offer their Fajr prayer. The temperature during Fajr time is very pleasant it is 16 degree Celsius with balmy breeze. Fajr Prayer Times for Ramadan in NYC are given below.

Ramadan Prayer times New York City

Fajr Prayer Time of Ramadan in NYC:

Fajr prayer time in NYC is just as simple as any other prayer time in the world. During this Fajr prayer a person performs Wudu which is called ablution. After performing ablution a person goes to the mosque and stands among other worshipers in the lead of Imam. An imam is a male person who is responsible of leading the prayer in congregation. And it is obligation on every worshiper to follow the lead of and imam otherwise that person’s Fajr prayer won’t be accepted.

Fajr Prayer Time NYC

One more important thing in Fajr prayer time in NYC is that Muslims of the New York also bring their families during this time that includes their wives, mothers, children, and fathers. So it’s like a carnival during Fajr prayer time in New York. All family members are in one mosque in congregation to offer their Fajr prayer. So lots of enthusiasm is shown not only by male worshipers but also from the female worshipers too. New York is a lively city of the world. People often say it that it’s a city that never sleeps. So during Fajr time Muslim worshipers are in large number and upbeat and after their Fajr prayer they start their day work. Muslims of New York feel that by spending Fajr time in mosque their whole day will be blessed.


In the end it is a well-established fact that Fajr prayer timings of Ramadan in NYC during Ramadan is a very important time for the Muslims. As it rectifies their faith and sacrifice their sleep to be offering such an important prayer. That is why they are accompanied by their family members because this importance transcends through generation to generation in the family.

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